Diffusion Stone 2 Micron 1 / 4" Barb
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Diffusion Stone 2 Micron 1 / 4" Barb

Product Code:619151

Our .2 micron stone is ideal to force carbonate your kegged beer, or asan aeration stone prior to fermentation. The barb is 1/4" ID.

To Use: Attach 2 feet of 1/4" tubing from the "gas in" dip tube insidethe keg. (Tubing not included). You set your desired pressure on theregulator and gas gets emitted through the .5 micron stainless stone.The bubbles rise through the beer creating so much surface area contactbetween gas and liquid that the absorption rate is very rapid. This isvery similar to how beer is carbonated in breweries.

Do not touch the stone with your bare hands. The oils in you handscan clog the small pores. If you do clog the pores simply boil the stoneto remove the oils. To clean and sanitize just boil the stone. 

316 Stainless
1/2" diameter. Stone is 1" in length. Overall length is 1 7/8"

  • MSRP: $8.99