New federal standard makes beer ingredients options more flexible in Canada

Published 11/06/2019 |

New Beer Ingredients


The federal government announced important changes in the rules that establish the minimum requirements that a product must have in order to be commercialized as "beer" in Canada.

According to the FDR (Food and Drug Regulations), the measure mainly serves to stimulate competitiveness in the brewing industry since from now on, ingredients such as "honey, maple syrup, fruit, fruit juice or any other source of carbohydrates" are allowed in the composition of beers, opening an even wider range of possibilities in the creation of new products.

“A modernized beer standard allows Canadian brewers to develop a new range of products that meet the tastes of our consumers. These changes will help our beer industry grow, creating good middle-class jobs in communities across Canada.” Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said in the government’s release.

In addition, the new regulation requires that potentially allergenic ingredients as well as the addition of preservatives to be clearly stated on the product label.

“The new labelling changes serve to protect consumer health. Food allergies and intolerances are a real concern and safety issue for many Canadians. The requirement to have beer labels clearly state if food allergens, gluten sources, or sulphites are present in the product will give consumers assurance that the beer they drink will not pose a risk to their health because of a food allergy or food sensitivity.” Said Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health of Canada.

These changes should be applied from December 14, 2022. In the meantime, brewers and beer importers “must follow the previous requirements or the new requirements”, stated the government.