Nugget Hop Extract 150 gma Container
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Nugget Hop Extract 150 gma Container

Product Code:600935

CO2 extract is an extract of hops produced by extraction of hop pelletsusing food grade carbon dioxide under liquid or super criticalconditions. CO2 extract contains alpha acids, beta acids and essentialoils and is normally used as a partial or complete replacement forkettle hops or hop pellets. CO2 extract is an extremely stable,convenient and concentrated alternative to the use of hops or hoppellets.

  • Description: A golden/amber/green, semi-fluid syrup or paste at room temperature
  • Alpha Acids: Variety specific; typically 35% for an aroma hop and >50% for a high alpha hop
  • Beta Acids: Variety specific; normally in range 15-40%
  • Hop Oils: Variety specific; typically 3-12%
  • pH: 4 (+/- 0.5)
  • Density: 0.9-1.0 g/ml

  • MSRP: $116.99