Radical Brewing: Recipes
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Radical Brewing: Recipes

Product Code:615003

This book is lavishly illustrated and filled with fascinating tidbits of brewing lore, a brewing book unlike any other. With over 90 complete recipes and an abundance of useful information for the novice, as well as the grizzled veteran, this book puts you in touch with some of brewing most exotic and delicious brews. After a concise introduction on the brewing process, Radical Brewing moves on to the secrets of great session ales, lagers and easy-to-brew Belgian beers. Then, it moves on to the next level: strong beers, adjunct beers, fruit, spices, smoked beer and more. The challenging Belgian styles are next followed by a tour through the vast repertoire of beer through the ages and and introduction to mead and honey beers. Within the chapters you'll also find info on group brews and activities, equipment, and the art of enjoying beer & food.
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